Born in 30th November, 1954 in Kagvad -“ a small village near Rajkot District of Gujarat “ Dr. Vallabh Kathiria, wears many hats and has been actively associated with political and social causes since childhood. Being a renowned cancer surgeon, he has been a true Indian at heart and has been a staunch supporter of Indian values, culture and traditions. He was brought up in a culture and society that infused in him the vital aspects of humanity “ philanthropy, benevolence and altruism



Dr. Kathiria earned M.B.B.S. and M.S. (Surgery) degree from B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad “ Gujarat University, and LL.B degree from Saurashtra University, Rajkot, only to add educational value to his already existing passion of serving the society and quenching his compassionate philanthropic urge. His scholastic excellence become his arsenals that enabled him service those people who were less fortunate and were devoid of appropriate medical attention. But this could not cease his aspiration to reach out broader spectrum of populace and he set his eyes on to getting actively involved in the Indian politics.



For the first time, he was elected for 11th Lok Sabha in the year 1996“ his debut in active politics! He also reached Lok Sabha in 1998 and 1999 consecutively that shows his popularity and sincerity towards helping people, solving problems of his constituency. He has also been the Union Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises during 13th Oct 1999 to 29th Jan 2003. He completed his term as Union Minister of State for Ministry of Human Resource Development during 30th Jan 2003 to 8th Jan 2004. He served as the Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, spanning from 9th Jan 2004 to 21st May 2004.

He has been consistently serving the people from all walks of lives during holding various different ministries in the tenure of his political stretch. Currently he is serving as the Chairman of Gau Seva Ayog, Government of Gujarat.


Dr. Kathiria has been a true social activist, and has been working for the welfare of people of India since his childhood. He has been a regular blood donor, and has donated blood for 120 times till date. During emergency in 1975-76, he was sent behind the bars for protesting against emergency. He has been highly influenced by Jai Prakash Narayan and in 1974, in the capacity of student leader; he participated in Nav Nirman Agitation in Gujarat. He introduced mobile dispensaries in rural and slum areas, run and managed by NGOs. He also organized and actively participated in almost 500 blood donation camps.

In addition, Dr. Kathiria, being a doctor, treated more than 1 Lac patients and operated upon nearly 75,000 patients. He served in various capacities in Association of Surgeons of India and IMA, being the life member of these two associations.

Apart from above achievements, he has been associated with various other noble causes, i.e. water-shed activities, organic farming and rural development. He promoted value education through organizing seminars and has also been involved in consolidating educational institutions.



He has been conferred upon œRashtriya Uttakrishtata Samman 2009 environment award for his excellent work in saving the environment and climate change. He also bagged œDada Bhai Naorogi Industrial Peace and Development and œBharat Jyoti awards for national integration and economic growth.

He never depicted as a person who sits on his laurels and he always explored new segments and verticals to service the people of India to the best of his capacity “ as a leader, dreamer, visionary, doctor and most importantly “ as a generous human being.