Rajkot, one of the largest and developing cities is located in the Gujarat state of India. Being the administrative headquarters of the Rajkot district, Rajkot is the 35th-largest urban agglomeration in India. Moreover, the city holds a population of more than 1.28 million people with an average literacy rate of 82.20%. In order to govern law and order, the Rajkot Municipal Corporation has been established to offer basic infrastructure facilities and entertainment facilities for the welfare of the people.

Growth & Development of Rajkot

The Rajkot city has been facing a tremendous growth in the past 10 years. Major industrial and commercial buildings have been established in prime areas of the city. In order to govern law and order, the Rajkot Municipal Corporation has been established to offer basic infrastructure facilities and entertainment facilities for the welfare of the people.

One of the recent developments in the city is the operation of online services. The local residents of the city can avail the online services to pay their property tax, professional tax, get birth & death certificates and much more. In the website, the people can check out their bill status, rainfall statistics, RTI status and e-tenders.

Economy in Rajkot

It is great to know that the city contributes great revenue to the economy of the state. This is possible with the operation of heavy and small scale industries under the patronage of Gujarat State Financial Corporation (GSFC) and Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC). The economy of Rajkot is directly linked to the BSE Sensex and share trading is processed successfully in the recent years. Few sources have revealed that large number of renowned business houses have started to grab a property in the future developed city. Further, the growth of the city has enabled to arm with 28 crore Word Bank aid for development and infrastructure of the city.

Promotion of Low-Carbon Transport in Rajkot

In terms of transport infrastructure, Rajkot is currently involved in activities like road widening, incorporation of pedestrian footpaths and other road infrastructural facilities. The metropolitan city has implemented various effective plans to reduce the carbon emissions and transport related air pollution. Some of the effective urban mobility plans include Public Transport Improvement Plan, Road Network Development Plan, Integrated Land Use plan and more.

Development Plans by Rajkot Urban Development Authority (RUDA)

The authorities of government department prepare various development plans and social schemes for the welfare of the people. The projects which were undertaken by the RUDA include:

Road Projects
Drainage Works
E.W.S. Housing Schemes
Street Light Projects
Water Supply Lines & E.S.R Constructions

Slum Development Programme

Due to the increase in population, there has been a shortage of housing facilities in the city. In Rajkot slums, children below school age can be seen in more number. The Rajkot Municipal Corporation and the Nagar Prathmik Sikshan Samiti runs 95 schools and offers education at free of cost. Further, the government authorities have incorporated the “slum development programme” to provide basic infrastructure facilities like street lights, drainage, water supply, etc.

Therefore, the development of the Rajkot city has increased to a great extent in the past 10 years. Let us work hard to make the developing city to a developed one!


कोकिला नाम से प्रसिद्ध श्रीमती सरोजिनी नायडू जी के 135वे जन्मदिवस पर मेरा हार्दिक वंदन। ऐसी महान कवियत्री ,लेखिका और समाज सेविका का भारतीय होना हम सभी के लिए बहुत गर्व की बात है।


Friends, first of all, on the most noble, and the most prestigious eve of the 65th anniversary of the Constitution of the world’s biggest democracy, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Republic Day … !!

Friends, today, on this great day, I have been bestowed upon a most noble honour of visiting a village ‘Thoriyali’, which is a part of Paddhari, Rajkot .. The day would see me hoisting the National Flag at a school here, followed by giving a speech, so as to communicate to, and conversate with our brothers and sisters of Thoriyali, how important it is to maintain the sanity of, and cleanliness in the village, and what all possible ways and means are there to reach a mark even a notch higher than the usual benchmark … !!

And as, as always, the government of Gujarat has already consented their support in every possible way, and since the same great news I have from many villages near Ahmedabad, and Rajkot, most expected it is, that we would meet success, in this most noble endeavour … !!

Friends, I’m overwhelmed to express it again that it indeed is an honour for me to be given the responsibility of seeing to it that Thoriyali gets shaped up in a manner, most desired by all of us … !!

In the end, I would like to say thanks to you all for your ever so unconditional support, and wish you all a great life and career ahead … !!

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat


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A 4-day of constant interactions with experts from all across the country, with a great number of companies and organizations participating in, with 250+ stalls set up, with all the latest facilities and amenities in place, with the hon’ble chairman of Khodaldham Trust, “Shri Naresh Patel Ji”, being present at the event, without the constant efforts of whom this event would never have been possible, and with none other than the hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, “Shri Narendra Modi Ji”, inaugurating the event, I sincerely believe that we all should get our names registered in the visitor’s and/or participant’s list, at this most supreme, and mega event … !!

In the end, I must mention that agriculture contributes a lot to our economy, and with due regards to that, I request the youth of our society, of our state, of our nation, to come over, witness, and make a self-analysis of how fruitful would it be to build for themselves a career in agriculture industry … !!

So, this week 21st – 24th Jan, I would be there @ Agri Vision India 2014, and would expect the presence of you all, my fellow citizens, for this event is a must for any farmer, and an honour for all of us … !!

#Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan