Under the leadership of Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board Gujarat, Shree Gujarat Rajya Gaushala-Panjarapol Sangh Gandhinagar, Samast Mahaja- Mumbai and Indulal Yagnik Institute of Public Policy and Strategies-Anand are organising one day workshop for Gaushala Panjrapol administrators, Cow lovers, Maldharies, and interested persons in topics like Gauseva, Indigenous cow breeding, and Panchgavys products. This workshop will be held on 16th August 2015, Sunday at `Khimji Jesang Hall™ Nathiba Commerce Collage Campus, Gandhinagar Sector-23.

The workshop will be inaugurated by Honourable Governor of Gujarat Shree Om Prakash Kohli, by lamp lightening ceremony and Cow Pooja. In this seminar other chief guests will be Shri Mohanbhai Kundariya Union Minister of State for Agriculture, Shri Haribhai Chaudhri -Home Minister of Gujarat, Shri Babubhai Bokhiriya Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Minister of Gujrat, Shri Tarachanbhai Cheda-Gausavardhan Minister of Gujarat, will remain present in this workshop.

According to Chairman of Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board Gujarat, Dr. Vallabhbhai Katheriya, experts from various sectors will deliver lectures on how to making Gaushalas self-reliant through Gaupalan as well as with the use of new technologies, best & transparent administration, cleanliness of gaushala, pure breeding of indigenous cows, gauchar development, agro forestry, Panchgavya products, bio-pesticides, bio fertilizers, biogas and bio-electricity.

To make this workshop successful and memorable, along with Dr. Vallabh Kathiria Chairman of Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board- Gujarat, Shree Chaitnya Maharaj, Shri Aacharya Ghanshyamji, Shri Gopal Sutariya, Dr. Kishor Patel, Shri K.P.Shastri Swami, Shri B.K.Aahir, Shri Jayantibhai Doshi, Dr. J.V. Nadhoda, Dr. L.R.Vora, Shri Manoj Sukla, Dr. Dinesh Bramhbhatt, and Shri Vinubhai Tankarita are making huge efforts.


Wednesday, 12th Feb, 2014, witnessed Mr. Narendra Modi kickstarting the much-awaited, the much-anticipated “chai pe charcha”, a discussion over tea, for addressing, and interacting with audience @ around 1,000 tea stalls in 300 cities across the country.

Modi ji himself was present at a tea stall opposite Karnavati club on SG highway in Ahmedabad, where-from he interacted with his fans and supporters, via huge TV sets, and projectors.

“In our country, a tea stall serves as a means to livelihood for the poorest of the poor and also serves as a ‘footpath Parliament’. When I have come here today, I naturally go back to my childhood. I recall I learnt a lot when I was selling tea .. It was an experience ..”, he said in his opening remarks.

we are going to discuss good governance while sipping tea. Mahatma Gandhi gave us ‘swaraj’ but we couldn’t achieve ‘suraaj’ (good governance) and that resulted into people losing faith in the governments. We need to restore the faith of the people in government.”, he added further.

He spoke for the initial 5 minutes, and then invited questions from the audiences all across the nation. And he did answer a lot many questions ranging from tackling black money to promoting clean energy, skill development, law and order, government jobs etc., in a most confident, in a most convincing manner.

On a question on tackling black money, he described “black money” as anti-national activity. He remarked – “The whole country is worried about black money. I assure the countrymen that when we form a government in Delhi, we will create a task force and make or amend laws to bring every single rupee deposited in foreign countries by Indian citizens.”

He even announced an incentive scheme for regular and genuine tax players and salaried class, saying that 5 to 10% amount from the total amount of black money brought from abroad will be distributed among regular tax players as incentive.
Modi ji even stated that eastern Indian states have not seen much development, despite the presence of resources like land, water, coal etc. in abundance. Expressing his concerns on the same he said – “We need development in states like Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal, Northeast states. I think special attention needs to be paid to states in eastern India. Bihar is not poor and people there are very talented, but bad governance, and a peculiar political culture in the last 20 years has destroyed the state.”

Scores of tea stall sold hundreds of cups of tea during the PR exercise. In the process, a bit of the NaMo persona was sold, too, to an excited audience. In the run-up the parliamentary polls, the BJP is likely to organise around 15 sessions of ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ and the party is aiming at directly interacting with around two crore voters through the medium.


Exactly 66 years ago on this day, i.e. 30th Jan, 1948, we lost our very own ‘Bapu’, the Father of our Nation .. Nonetheless, his messages of peace, and his teachings of non-violence are still alive amongst us, and would always be … !!

Gandhiji lived a life of principles, all of which were sincere, true, and divine in nature .. Today, on his 66th Death Anniversary, I pay him my homage, and request, expect, and urge all to transform his thoughts, his teachings, and his messages, into real actions, and make our society violence-free, much of which is already … !!

It’s true that we don’t have his physical presence amongst us .. Unfortunately, we aren’t that lucky enough .. But through following his ways, his actions, we can give a life to many dormant Gandhijis within us .. It’s time, not just to remember him, but to take a step forward, and start enacting the way he was world-wide known for … !!

None else than Gandhi ji, could be a bigger or greater symbol of peace .. Probably, for the very same reason, the world celebrates his birthday, 2nd Oct, every year, as the World Peace Day .. He, for sure, was Gujarat’s greatest, and the most brilliant contribution to our motherland India … !!

We miss him the most today, as we have always been, but we ought to take a pledge that we would soon bring in on a Gandhiji residing in all of us, and help make the world around us a better, healthier, and a more peaceful place to live … !!