Exactly 66 years ago on this day, i.e. 30th Jan, 1948, we lost our very own ‘Bapu’, the Father of our Nation .. Nonetheless, his messages of peace, and his teachings of non-violence are still alive amongst us, and would always be … !!

Gandhiji lived a life of principles, all of which were sincere, true, and divine in nature .. Today, on his 66th Death Anniversary, I pay him my homage, and request, expect, and urge all to transform his thoughts, his teachings, and his messages, into real actions, and make our society violence-free, much of which is already … !!

It’s true that we don’t have his physical presence amongst us .. Unfortunately, we aren’t that lucky enough .. But through following his ways, his actions, we can give a life to many dormant Gandhijis within us .. It’s time, not just to remember him, but to take a step forward, and start enacting the way he was world-wide known for … !!

None else than Gandhi ji, could be a bigger or greater symbol of peace .. Probably, for the very same reason, the world celebrates his birthday, 2nd Oct, every year, as the World Peace Day .. He, for sure, was Gujarat’s greatest, and the most brilliant contribution to our motherland India … !!

We miss him the most today, as we have always been, but we ought to take a pledge that we would soon bring in on a Gandhiji residing in all of us, and help make the world around us a better, healthier, and a more peaceful place to live … !!

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